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Q. If I am the only student signed up for the class, will the class run?

A. NO. Motor Pro’s Policy is that for a class to run, there needs to be more than one student.

Q. I’ve never ridden a motorcycle before, which course should I take?

A. If you have never ridden a motorcycle or scooter then the MSF Basic Rider Course is a must for you to develop the basic mental and physical skills you need for proper motorcycle operation, and to get your motorcycle license.  If you want to take this course you will need to select another provider as we no longer offer this course.

Q. I am returning to motorcycling now that my kids are grown, and I already have a new motorcycle.  Do I have to take the MSF Basic Rider Course to get my motorcycle license again?

A. Your Motor Pro Training team has secured approval to provide the Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic for motorcycle licensing purposes in Texas.  This is a premium, true intermediate skills one-day motorcycle training course taken on your own street-legal motorcycle or scooter that doesn’t waste time teaching what you already know.  It is the most effective alternative to the MSF Basic Rider Course not only because it is shorter, but also you are practicing these skills on your own larger and more powerful bike.

Q. I have been riding motorcycles for years but never took a training course and never got my license.  Is the Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic right for me?

A. Yes, this course is perfect for you.  The price of this course is cheaper than the cost of a ticket for no motorcycle license and you will learn some new skills that will make you a more proficient rider as well. You must be at least 18 years old and provide your own street legal 2-wheel motorcycle or scooter for this course.

Q. Can you take the Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic to get a license to ride a scooter?

A. Yes, you would just need to provide your own street legal scooter.

Q. Can you take the Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic to get a license to ride a 3-wheel motorcycle?

A. No, the TCIRC is designed for 2-wheel motorcycles only.

Q. I have been a dirt bike rider for years and recently purchased a street bike.  Will the Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic allow me to get my license?

A. Yes

Q. How good do my riding skills need to be in order to take the Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic?

A. You must be able to demonstrate basic motorcycle control skills at the beginning of the class in order to participate in this course.  You must be able to start out smoothly, shift to second gear (if applicable), stop smoothly, then make a 90º turn from a stop within 20 feet. Watch this video to see what that looks like.

Q. I have been riding for years and already have my endorsement, what will I get out of the Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic?

A. The TCIRC is a course that will challenge you to perfect intermediate to advanced level skills that will help you survive the realities of the motorcycling world.  In turn, having total control of your machine means you enjoy riding that much more.

Q. Do I have to have a sport bike for the Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic?

A. No, you do not.  Our students take this course on touring, sport touring, cruiser, dual sport and sport bikes.  The physics and mental aspects of cornering are the same on any style bike you ride, in fact, the course is especially effective for cruiser riders since it makes the most of the limited cornering clearance of these bikes.  That is one of the reasons this course is so effective for Police Motor Officers.

Q. I want to improve my cornering skills and am contemplating taking a track day school.  Is the Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic the same thing?

A. The Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic is a safer and more effective alternative to a track day or performance school. You will be learning advanced cornering techniques (including all mental aspects) in a safe environment rather than at high speeds on a track.  This is how humans learn most effectively since anxiety and fear are the biggest impediments to learning new skill sets.  Just as we learned to crawl before walking, this course is the best way to learn advanced cornering skills that you can take to the track, or apply to your street riding.  Either way, we promise you will be impressed with how much you can improve in a day.

Q. Where do you hold your training?

A. Our Total Control courses are held at the Family Worship Center, 2425 FM 1704, approximately 5 miles south of Elgin.  If you get lost, feel free to call us.  We will get you to the right place.

Q. What do I need for class?

A. For Total Control motorcycle training courses, you will need your own 2-wheel motorcycle or scooter and additional riding gear for safety.  We will send you a detailed email when you sign up for a motorcycle training course advising what you need to bring or call us at (512) 970-3125 and we can advise you ahead of time.

Q. I don’t own a motorcycle/scooter but my buddy says I can borrow his.  Is that permissible?

A. Yes, as long as your buddy’s motorcycle/scooter is street legal, insured and you have his written permission to use it for the course.

Q. How do I get my motorcycle or scooter to the class location?

A. It is your responsibility alone to get your motorcycle or scooter to the class location.  Our training locations have sufficient parking space for trailers and tow vehicles.

Q. Which courses are approved for ticket dismissal?

A. That depends on the judge and the violation.  If your ticket is for no motorcycle license, you will likely have to take the Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic.  For all other violations on a motorcycle, and with the judge’s approval, any of our motorcycle training courses will suffice.  We suggest you pick the course that will improve your skills.

Q. How do I enroll for a class?

A. Easy, click on the Enroll Now tab at the top of this page to take you to more detailed information about our motorcycle training courses and use our safe and secure online payment.  If you detest using credit or debit cards online and want to pay by cash you will need to call us (512) 970-3125 to make the appropriate arrangements.

Q. Can I purchase a gift certificate for one of your classes?

A. Motorcycle training classes make a great gift for experienced riders or those who want to start riding the correct way.  Contact us by email or phone and we will arrange pre-payment and send the gift certificate by US Mail to the address you provide to us.  The certificate is not date specific, giving the recipient the opportunity to arrange training at their convenience.

Q. What is your refund/reschedule policy?

A. Online payment through our order process secures your place in the class selected.  However, once payment is made refunds are not available.
We allow you to purchase space in a class on a priority standby basis if the scheduled class is full.  In the event space in the class, you want becomes available you will be notified as soon as possible.  If no space becomes available, you will be notified the day before the class begins and will have an opportunity to reschedule into another class at no additional expense or get a full refund.

In the event, you are unable to attend a class for which you are scheduled you will incur a $50 rescheduling fee and you will be rescheduled into another class on an “as available” basis.  Failure to attend any part of your scheduled class will result in forfeit of your payment.  Deviations from this refund policy are at the sole discretion of Motor Pro Training.

Q. I need a replacement completion card for a Motor Pro Training class I took previously.  How can I get my replacement?

A. Contact our office so we can get the details needed to research and find your completion certificate.  We will mail out a replacement certificate that day or the next for a $10 fee.

Q. I don’t see my question here, how do I find the information I need?

A. We want Texas riders to have all the information needed to make an informed decision on their motorcycle training and safety.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have, click here to visit our Facebook page and to stay in touch with motorcycle safety-related issues in Texas.

Q. Do I need insurance to operate a motorcycle on the street?

A. Yes, you do.  A good resource to compare motorcycle policies can be found here.

Keep in mind, if you are unlicensed to ride a motorcycle, you are operating illegally and your insurance may not cover your loss in the event of a crash.

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