Can-Am Spyder Training Course

The Only One-Day Can-Am Licensing Course In The Austin Area

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One-Day Can-Am Licensing Course

The Most Effective Can-Am Spyder Training Course In The Austin Area

In order to legally ride your Can-Am Spyder in the state of Texas, you must first become licensed. To become licensed, riders must first complete either a 3-wheeled motorcycle safety course or your basic 2-wheeled motorcycle safety course.

Motor Pro Training now offers the most effective Can-Am Spyder training course in the Austin area.  In fact, we offer the only one-day 3-wheeled motorcycle licensing course in all of central Texas. In this class, you will learn all of the necessary skills you will need to safely ride your Can-Am Spyder.

Topics Covered Include:

  • how to minimize risk and handle special situations
  • basic vehicle control
  • throttle control
  • straight line riding
  • stopping
  • turning and shifting
  • advanced skills like stopping quickly and evasive maneuvering

Can-Am Spyder Licensing For Only $99

The best part of it all is that thanks to the great people a Can-Am, we are able to bring this amazing Can-Am safety course to you for only $99! In addition, we will provide the Can-Am motorcycle as well as a motorcycle helmet for this class. That said, you will be required to bring the following motorcycle safety equipment.

  • Eye protection-Face shield, such as tinted or clear goggles or some form of sun-/eyeglasses. In addition, you may also wear ordinary prescription glasses.
  • Gloves-Must be full finger and cannot be open on the back of the hand. They must be street-motorcycle specific and/or durable leather. Mechanics gloves, batting gloves, etc. are NOT acceptable. Finger-less gloves are not acceptable.
  • Pants- Jeans are fine as long as they do not have holes. However, motorcycle specific riding gear is always recommended.
  • Jacket- Long sleeves or jackets are fine. Again motorcycle specific gear is always recommended.
  • Boots/Shoes-Over the ankle with little to no heel. Shoes can be hiking type that provides reinforced ankle support. However, boots are the preferred choice. Your footwear should have a good rubber sole for traction and the heel shouldn’t be higher than what is commonly on a “workman’s boot.” Thin fabric shoes made of canvas or other fabrics that do not provide support are not acceptable. The classic Converse All Star “Chuck Taylor” or dress shoe are examples of shoes that DO NOT meet the requirements.
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