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Motor Pro Training is the professional resource for your motorcycle training needs in the Austin and Central Texas area.

At Motor Pro Training, we realized there was a substantial need for an alternative licensing course to the MSF's Basic Rider Course.  Texas riders needed a one day licensing course designed for those riders who are returning to the sport or already know all the basics and have their own 2-wheel motorcycle or scooter.  We have been working on approval of a course designed for those riders and the Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic is now approved for licensing.

If you are looking for more advanced training, specifically to improve your cornering skills, we also provide the Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic.  This is simply the most effective cornering class on the market today, and these skills work on any type of bike you ride.

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Motor Pro Training is your choice for a more personal and professional approach to your motorcycle training needs, and we are the first licensed providers of the Total Control Intermediate and Advanced Riding Clinic in Texas.

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